Hot New Ethiopian Music 2014 Mieraf Assefa – Guadegnaye (Official Music Video)

Hot Ethiopian Music 2014 Mieraf Assefa – Guadegnaye (Official Music Video)

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Ethiopia is know for spiritual depth and this is commercial WESTERN

emuye Hailu says:

Yamral btammmmmm mraf :-D

Alme Tageyae says:

wow yameral

selamawit belda says:

Wow wow I like it

Banchi Magabe Banchi says:

Wow… berta.

Sinudu K says:

thought it would be better Western Garbage as the comment below says

Lil Daniels says:

Its ashame I don’t know how to speak the language of my fellow people. I
still love the song..!!

Selam Asfaw says:

ZZefenunem ZZefanunem wedejachew wedejachew wedddedd adergyachew lesenetena
gezy degemy degemy degagemy endayhute 

Nona Nony says:

Wow temechitognal yamral

YeAbyssinia Lij says:

I love the innocence of my beautiful people. Ethiopia and Ethiopians are so
beautiful to me. Ye Ethiopia amelak yebareken and yetebeken. 


Check out this video on YouTube

Bereket Bekele says:

u knw wht to do wiz zis bid song ? Just luv it, luv it

christian ayele says:

weak lyrics

hiwi lala says:
addugenet alem says:

man u got an awsome voice and style i love the things u do and i follow
them .im not even done loving dek deke and u came with another great song .
ur style is not something that people listen to and love rite away but the
kind that sneeks up on u and thats good b/c thees kind of songs last long
.u r good keep it up.RESPECT.

Lucy Ethiopian Music says:
Selam Asfaw says:

Betaaaam yamerbhale nice style, nice voice leny betamm temechetonal
‘Good luck in the future” Degagemy new yesemhute GODENANYA 

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