Qubee Afaan Oromoo

Qubee Afaan Oromoo


Selamawit Selamawit says:

Wow amazing, God bless you

Koodee Network says:

Qubee Afaan Oromoo !!

Burtgal Al says:

Gudadha Waqqayoo isiin haa gudisuu

khamal abdullahi says:

my favorite

Rege Raga says:

no one is playing victim, since the neftenyas has already thrown in to the trash! oromos has no problems with Amharas at Gojjam or Gonder, but the neftenyas and their sons like you!! we dont play victim but at the same time we dont pretent as if nothing has happened.

Rege Raga says:

you stupid moren, geez is a dead/dying language. can you send a text message by geez from your mobile? even from pc for that matter?

Dhuga Himaa says:

who are you who decide on the people wish? Oromo need no Geez because the sounds doesn't fit 10 vowels, Geez has only 7 sounds and it is even making Amharic a backward language which breaths with government assistance. You see Afaan Oromo is flourishing with all suppression from Abysinian. It is unstoppable. I understood now Oromo elites were very smart to chose latin writing system. You all cant stop it it is too late for you. If you cant do it in 100 years with all tanks and bombs, now how?

Riyaki Ali says:

Nice song….baayye bareedha…jabaadha baradhaa.

abdulwehab reshid says:

haalan bareeda dhalootaa irraa dhalootatti kan darbuudha .

Haligm Adem says:

wow an amazing OROMO kids beautiful, and smart …. isin abdii borutti, jabadha baradha jalalaa barumsaa fi saba kessani qabdan kana akanumatti itt fufaan…… rabbin issin haa guddisuu… can't wait too se my people and my country… in growth and freedom… love you Oromo..

Qalbii says:

This is more than any thing I've so far seen on YouTube. God bless them Overwhelmingly.
Just do your own things and don't try to get a blessings or confirmation from other's on what you do as it might means the opposite for others.

Kiyaa koo says:

King Solomon at the fist place you need to re-born again to be oromo…second there wouldn't be any Gee'ze in any oromia anymore! Keep on wish …you see this kids name is "destiny chaild" and "Qubee generation so we all here and make sure afaan oromo growing?

ethio11son says:

Am oromo and geez amharic should be they only ethiopian langauge

worku gemechu says:

afaan koo ittin hikkachuuf natti tolee jiraa

Fiixaa Best says:

guudinaa adaa tenyaa nu garsiisuu kessaniif bayee galatomaa ijjillee tenyaa

lataaka says:

You see that is where you are wrong, I prefer the white educated Europeans than an illiterate society colonize me. At least, they build schools, roads, health facilities, etc. Italy built many roads, schools, & houses than what the Ethiopian govt did in more than 50 years. The only thing you get from black colonizers like Amhara is insult & disrespect despite the fact they are nothing better than anybody.
Don't try to look like an Oromo too b/c men like u ruined the life of millions of Oromos.

Maliyun Abdurahman Amed says:

aaah,aah i hate this song Qubee afaan Oromoo <3 saboontuuttaa godadhaa masha alllah

Dabala Takele says:

kan galuuf ni gala kan hin galleef immoo durayyuu hin galu,Nice song at all!!!

Tazabi Mna says:

. At list Amharic is African language. How do you relate to English or other Asian language!
Shame on you all other ethnic groups in Ethiopia; for making the poor Amharas a scapegoat for all the wrong things that happen in Ethiopia. My advice is stop all this nonsense blame game and let us unite and work hard to liberate our people from our common enemy poverty.

Tazabi Mna says:

At list the Amharas shared the history and the freedom equally to all Ethiopians just like the 90% of poor Amharas. Do you think the English would have shared their history and treated you beater than the Amhara. Please think twice, ask other African country what happen under colonialism. Do you think using English and Roman alphabet would serve you better or free you from self-mental enslavement? I doughty that.

Tazabi Mna says:

As I belong to both, Amhara and Oromo ethnic group I will try to reflect freely on this subject. Yes, It is a beautiful music and beautiful people; Saying that, the Oromos are so brain washed and full of hatred against the Amara’s unjustly. What do you want the Amhara’s to do! It was the way history went. Get over with it and stop playing being a victim forever. If the Amharas did not take over the Omros territory the Europeans, especially the English or Italian would have colonized it.

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