Raju Mohammed – Akunamatata (New Oromo,Somali,Amharic, music 2014)

music, MP3 Songs coming soon. Great Oromo,Somali,Amharic, music


faizswagger says:

Whats wrong with the video quality the song is cool but the vid-quality
sucks still good though.

Taanoliqe Somali says:

Thank you our cousins

asantii husen says:

Bareedaa jabadhuu

Fatima Da says:


Lugeey lugo dhere says:

Long live Horn Of Africa.

Beka Gonfa says:

Wow itin bone duru bay sin Jalandhar

famisha harar says:

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bayye baredaa

Fatima Da says:


Fatima Da says:


The I'm says:

Bareda dha

keneni zewde says:

cool, heddu namat tola, jabadhu 

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